April 2013 onwards:

In April 2013 we held our first ever dinner and dance for The Raj Rana Fund. 100% of all funds we raised went towards research with The Brain Tumour Charity. It was an amazing event and we sold over 320 tickets. It was a night full of dancing, food and lots of smiles. It was a great way to mark the end of Raj’s treatment.

Following Raj’s chemo we started to return to normal. Raj was doing amazingly well. It was as if nothing had even happened. It could all of been a bad nightmare.

While we had been away in hospital my mum and dad had been back and forth to my house. Taking care of things. When we came out of hospital dad said “your house is too small”! He told us he was investing Β£50k into my house to extend it! Straight into the deep end. We started a building project. Raj and I were spending most days living with mum and dad as the project went on. When it was done though, my lil man loved his new house! There was lots of space to run around in and make a mess in now!

Things were fab. Raj turned 4 and he went into reception at school. I hear all these stories about how hard it was to leave your child at school. How their kids cried so much. Not Raj. I took him in and Im pretty sure he didnt even notice where I was. He walked off and started playing. I dont even remember him acknowledging me as I said bye and left 🀣. It was a very proud moment. I know other parents whose children didnt get this precious moment. People take these small things for granted. You hear parents moan about the school run etc. Honestly, there are parents out there that long for these things. Never ever take them for granted.


Raj was a majorly happy child. He just enjoyed laughing and giggling. His giggle was infectcious. Raj was loving school. He made new friends so easily. Raj’s cousins used to attend the same school. It was so easy, me or Raj’s grandad would grab 4 of the boys together. Life was just as it should of been. I was working away as normal. Raj was at school.

We were having scans every 4 months. All coming back as clean. No tumour 😊😊😊😊. It was an amazing time in our lives. Raj’s dad and I were still together at this point also. It was so normal.



My lil man was a cheeky cheeky lil monkey. Scans continued….then I got the worst call in July 2014. “We can see something on the scan” πŸ˜”