Message to my monkey:

Happy 9th birthday to the most beautiful boy I know. I love you so so much baby. Im so sorry we cant be together properly. Just know that mummy misses her monkey every single moment of every single day….especially today. Today is your day. I love you to the moon and back and I cant wait to be with you again. I hope you come join me today. Everything is set for your Ant Man party just like you wanted. Your cousins will come later and there will be cake, music, some xbox battles and some more of your favourite games. I hope you enjoy your day.  Huge huge hugs and a million kisses monkey. I am so very proud of you. See you soon. Love you always, Mum❤

9 years ago Raj made me a mummy.
I never knew I could love someone so deep.
From the very 1st days motherhood came as 2nd nature to me.
We started our journey of love and so many giggles. Raj had that cheeky smile since day one. A hugely infectcious laugh that would make everyone who heard it feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Life was amazingly normal but somewhere along the lines things got complicated.
We had to face into a huge problem that threatened our time together. Over the years we fought…nothing was going to stop Raj living his life. I saw him laugh so much and I sat back and thought…you got this baby boy. His strength and zest for life was amazing to watch. He taught me about strength.

Life and God had other plans and our days were cut short.

Today is a happy happy day but also one where my heart bleeds. I wont get to see Raj’s beaming face. His beautiful smile will be missed today. I am grateful for the beautiful years we spent together. Today I celebrate for Raj. Today I celebrate the day he made me a mummy. A day I will cherish forever. ❤