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Mummy and Raj

Life after losing my superhero

Author / mummyandraj

My mummy My World

Today I cried with my mum. Inside my soul, I feel my mum is connected to me, and therefore also connected to Raj.She came over and we sat down. I feel so drained and she did what she always does when I am feeling unwell. She massaged some oil into my head. We spoke about […]

Rajvir Singh Rana

For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Manisha and I’m Raj’s cousin. My guest blog entry came about after a particularly tough counselling session and crying to my aunty (Raj’s mum) straight after it. I’ve spent the last year concentrating on everything else in my life and avoiding dealing with Raj’s […]

I miss him 😞

What a high this weekend was. We hosted a glamorous event for over 200 people in Raj’s memory. We managed to raise £5k for the Brain Tumour Charity! I’m proud and hopeful as all the money raised will go into research for high grade tumours like Raj had. The night included amazing food and lots […]

One year on. I have survived.

I dont quite know how but I have survived. I have survived the hours and hours of tears. I have survived the days where I struggle to put my phone away, because all I want to do is look at your face. I have survived the days where I cling to your clothes, your socks […]


I am sat in Raj’s room as I write this. I look around and there are so many happy memories in this room. Raj’s little Bob the Builder Hat made me smile. He dressed up as Bob the Builder in school once. Armed with his tools, hard hat, checked shirt and a pair of dungarees […]

Signs Signs Signs 😊💚

This will be a brief blog but I wanted to share a really happy moment I had. Today I had a business meeting with someone and a few minutes into the meeting Raj somehow came up. I explained how I had lost Raj to a brain tumour. The lady I was meeting with asked me […]

31st January 2018. 💔💔💔💔

It’s coming up to that day. 1 year ago the day that I lost all control. The day I had to face reality. The day I bought my son home from Great Ormond Street having been told they could no longer help us. I cant seem to think about anything else at all. My mind […]

New Chapters

What a year. 2018 started off tough. We were fighting. Fighting so hard for Raj. We were making our last attempts at conventional treatment. By the end of Jan 2018 I had been told that was it. In Feb 2018 I proceeded with cannabis oil. This was probably one of the scariest times. I was […]

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