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Mummy and Raj

Life after losing my superhero

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Welcome to the world of an Oncology Mum

Here I am again πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. Blogging when I said I would start my book πŸ™„. Life is just a little bit crazy at the moment for us all and I felt I needed to release some of the words and feelings I am holding in. I dont think anyone could have predicted what Spring 2020 […]

He still guides me πŸ˜Š

Raj was diagnosed in 2012. Since his diagnosis I had continued to work. In between I took time off if it was needed. The longest being 3 months when we went to Oklahoma for radiotherapy and the last 6 months of this horrible nightmare. Whether it was working from home or flexible working hours we […]

How long has it been?

As 2019 draws to a close, I have been thinking about how I feel about the new year. Last year I was absolutely broken at this time. The thought I maybe heading into a new year that Raj wasn’t to be a part of of was soul destroying. Now? Its become more of wow, how […]

“The Book”

I keep getting asked. When is the next blog post? When will your book come out? I thought you was writing a book? Hmmmmmmm…….(big sigh) I have been wanting to write this book about my experience and most importantly about the amazing and couragious boy Raj was. What’s holding me back? (Big sigh….again) To tell […]

How Am I supposed to do this? πŸ’”

The first year after Raj’s passing life was filled with so much. First birthday without him, first Diwali alone, all the firsts. The build up to these days was absolutely huge. The actual days seemed to pass by uneventful. I’m there again….the huge build up to his birthday next month. My lil man would be […]

My mummy My World

Today I cried with my mum. Inside my soul, I feel my mum is connected to me, and therefore also connected to Raj.She came over and we sat down. I feel so drained and she did what she always does when I am feeling unwell. She massaged some oil into my head. We spoke about […]

Rajvir Singh Rana

For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Manisha and I’m Raj’s cousin. My guest blog entry came about after a particularly tough counselling session and crying to my aunty (Raj’s mum) straight after it. I’ve spent the last year concentrating on everything else in my life and avoiding dealing with Raj’s […]

I miss him πŸ˜ž

What a high this weekend was. We hosted a glamorous event for over 200 people in Raj’s memory. We managed to raise Β£5k for the Brain Tumour Charity! I’m proud and hopeful as all the money raised will go into research for high grade tumours like Raj had. The night included amazing food and lots […]

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